Missouri POST approved training online.

The Virtual Learning and Educational
Training Academy

Training online has never become easier or more affordable.
For an annual fee, Law Enforcement and Public Safety professionals can take as many POST-approved provider courses as they wish for a year.

Access to POST approved online training 24/7.

Courses that are rich in content, and provided by well-qualified instructors

Since 2001, members have completed; hundreds of thousands of hours online for their Missouri POST-approved CEH's, and received tens of thousands of certificates by email in the core curricula areas of -
Interpersonal Perspectives, Legal Studies, and Technical Studies.

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Membership with options

Full members have access to all the courses in the "Virtual Course Library" for $85.00 per year, or tailor membership according to their training needs. There are no additional setup fees or purchase of software required.

You choose the type of membership that's best for you!

VLETA enables instructors to have a venue that can offer their courses online.

Your educational growth is our sucess!!

Our "Specialty Courses" enable instructors with a venue to offer courses online. The advent of new technologies has made online access to up-to-date training and qualified instructors EASY!

VLETA is membership with options, and is your access to online Missouri P.O.S.T. approved courses.
VLETA Course Library Membership

Option 1: For an annual membership fee of $85.00 you are given access to all the courses in VLETA's Course Library. It's up to you to choose the times convenient for you to work through them.

Option 2: Contact us and tailor a membership that suits your needs.

How to Register with VLETA

Easy! Email us at and supply:

  • your full name, and department if applicable
  • a contact number and a couple of good times when we can reach you
We will contact you! All member registrations are completed over the phone.

VLETA Specialty Courses

These courses are not included as part of the VLETA Course Library. This is a new service that is set to launch shortly. The Specialty Course section is a venue for qualified instructors with expertise in their area to offer courses online. For more information on this service and other services we have please email us and we'll happily call you and discuss with you this opportunity.


"Your educational growth is our success!"

— All courses in the VLETA Course Library are Missouri P.O.S.T. approved.
Course Information

All courses in the VLETA Course Library are Missouri P.O.S.T. approved CEH's. We offer courses in the core curriculum areas of Interpersonal Perspectives, Legal Studies and Technical Studies. You can contact us by email (top of page) and we will be glad to call and discuss our services and answer any questions you may have.